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News :: The MegaMonster hits NAMM and Rocketown!!!

If you were looking for Monsterus around July 23-25 you would have found the guys smack dab in the middle of Nashville for the Annual Summer Session of the NAMM Show. This event proved to be one of the coolest NAMM experiences the guys could remember...which Ron has been attending since '89. The show began with Mars and Don making an appearance at the booth of their String Endorser, GHS Strings. It was at this time...the guys were approached by GHS Artist Relations Rep, Ben Cole, to give a road test of some of the NEW Rocktron Gear on the Monsterus "Live In Nod" Tour! The guys then were excited to meet up with long time friend Michael Guido of PR Ministries (who Ron had not seen in some time) and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)...Dave gave the guys a copy of some awesome new material from his forthcoming album, "The System Has Failed" while he left with a copy of Zealots!!! After this MegaMonster meeting the guys headed over for Ron to make an appearance at the Vic Firth Drumsticks Booth...while on the way they ran into Mr. Ty Tabor of King's X (way cool guy) who was really excited to hear all that was going on with Monsterus...and in fact might enlist Ron's help on the upcoming King's X DVD!!! Once Ron made it to Vic Firth he quickly hooked up with fellow Vic Firth endorsee and drummer/lead singer, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger. After conquering NAMM the guys made a jaunt over to Rocketown with close friend and Intense Radio D.J., Gary Ireton to put the final plans in place for the September 25th Monsterus concert (Click the follwowing links to download/print the MONSTERUS Rocketown Promo Poster or Flyers.) Monsterus is also excited to announce that "Zealots in the Land of Nod" is now available at Driven located inside Nashville's Rocketown! With his love for extreme sports which goes back to his BMX teen years, Ron stopped by to check out Rocketown's Indoor SkatePark, pic with 'The Man in Black' in the background!!! The guys concluded their stay hanging out at Rocketown's Empyrean Coffee Bar with Eternal Soul Clothing President, Darin Scheff...who gave the guys some of his cool new Gsus Kryst Witness Wear!!! The evening concluded with the guys hooking back up with their bunkmates for the weekend, David Pearson (Lead Vocals) and Jeff Miller (Bass) of Blissed for a 3 hour Intense Radio Special featuring the debut albums and interviews with both bands. It was a great interview and fun as the guys joked with callers that both bands had merged and were now called BLISSTERUS...Ha, HA!!! For all you Monsterus fans out west...there is talk that Monsterus and Blissed may be teaming up to come out to sunny Southern California for a series of dates...Stay Tuned!!!



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