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News :: Zilla on Capital Hill!!!

June was a big month for Monsterus and Zilla as he found himself smack dab in our nations capital! Ron spent his first day at The White House as guest of Ohio Congressman Mike Turner who handled Zilla's clearance through Secret Service a few weeks ealier. "After I made it through security...I was shocked when one of the Secret Service informed me that I was on my own in the big house...pretty cool! After making the rounds I found myself heading down a long hallway where I was stopped by security because I was literally approaching 'The West Wing' and The President was nearby...very wild" Zilla spent the next couple days taking in all D.C. has to offer...including being invited to Congressman Turner's office on Capital Hill. "He's a very cool guy and the former Mayor of our hometown of Dayton...he's definitely going places!!!" Zilla was also taken on a private tour through the underground tunnels from the Congressman's office over to the Capital. "I felt like I should be lobbying for something...maybe Zealots should be like an alternate National Anthem or something...LOL!!!" Zilla also made a stop by the Smithsonian where he checked out a couple sections from the Berlin Wall as well as a steel column assembly from the seventieth floor of the World Trade Center's south tower. The week came to a close at a sunset view of the Iwo Jima Memorial...which Zilla describes as "moving and breathtaking!"

June continued to roll on as Zealots reached the #1 Most Listened To Song on the CMRadio Edge Charts (6-11-05), while both “Zealots in the Land of Nod” and Monsterus' 2-Song Cassingle “Oddible” were enshrined in the Music Vault with both releases ranking 4 out of 5 stars!!! To put things into perspective...P.O.D. has had only 5 out of 13 Releases receive 4 Stars...having never received 5 Stars on Firestream...Translation: Monsterus is in good company!!! The guys were also pleased to find out that Zealots finally got picked up by The European Source for Independent Music...Turbo-Music, so now all you fans across the pond have another source for all your Monsterus tunes!!!

Last but certainly not least...Zilla would like for all of you to go check out Ez Gomer's (his Swedish Brotha's) website!!! "Ez is a very good friend who has always been cranking out some of the most Awesome and Sweetish Sounds since I've known him! Everyone has to pick up his latest Jet Circus musical creation "Look At Death Now"...AWESOME STUFF!!!" Ez is also putting out a Remix version of the "Look At Death Now" album which Zilla is planning on throwing down a remix of possibly "Man Rules"...we'll keep you posted. Check out the cool pic Ez sent in from the recording the hat Ez!!!


News :: Mars Quits & Zealots Hits #1!!!

Good Morning Americans! (think Paul Harvey...LOL) May, 2005 will officially mark the beginning of a new chapter in Monsterus!!! After 10 years of running together the race that has been set before us...we bid our brother, Mars Alan farewell and Godspeed! "We're still brothers in Christ, but these things happen." Ron explains, "Over the last decade we've really seen God move Mountains time and time again...but like any relationship, we've also had our share of both 'Mountain Top Experiences' and 'Mountains To Go Around!' Anyway, we look forward to what the Lord has ahead, and one thing you can count on will certainly be MONSTERUS!"

And now Page 2...May also marked another blessing for Monsterus when they got the exciting news from CMRadio that Zealots had finally reached the #1 Top Requested Song on the CMRadio Modern Rock Charts (4-30-05) while simultaneously holding the #2 and #3 Top Requested Song spots on the CMRadio Edge Charts (4-30-05) with Zealots and Supernatural! The fun didn't stop there...the guys also ranked high on the CMR Top Hits/Top Requested Top 10 with Zealots at #2 on the Modern Charts, and on the Edge Charts with #3 Zealots, #4 Digital Disciple, and #8 Supernatural!

Page 3...The month closed out with a "Night of Fire" at the True Note Cafe where Monsterus was scheduled to perform with Essential Records Artist and Rock Album of the Year-Dove Award Winner, Day of Fire. Although Monsterus had to cancel their performance...the guys still attended the event and had an incredible time with Day of Fire lead singer, Joshua Brown. Josh is the former frontman for Full Devil Jacket (Island/Def Jam) and has a powerful testimony of how the Lord brought him out of that situation...check this band out!!! "It's so cool when you've never met someone before, and from the first introduction it's like you've always known each other." Ron shares, "Josh had to be one of the most down-to-earth musicians we've ever met...this brother is Real!!! No bogus cliches...just full of the Anointing and Power of God!!! Thanks Josh for all you shared and confirmed with was prophetic!!! You really ministered to us in major way...we're standing with you brother...God Bless!!!" Check out the pics of Ron and Don with Josh and Day of Fire Lead Guitarist, Gregg Hionis and Spoken (Tooth and Nail) Guitarist, Aaron Wiese...Good Day!


News :: Zealots Still Roaring on Radio!!!

Although March roared out like a lion...April has continued with the Zealots roaring all over radio and throughout the various media outlets in Nod! The first week of the month closed with Zealots in the Land of Nod as the #2 Top Requested Song on the CMRadio Modern Rock Charts (4-9-05) while Supernatural! and Gateway made the CMRadio Edge Charts (4-9-05) for both the Most Played Songs of the Week and Most Listened to Songs. As the month came to a close, Monsterus was still claiming the #2 Top Requested Song position on the CMRadio Modern Rock Charts (4-23-05) and was holding 3 spots in the Top 10 Top Requested Song on the CMRadio Edge Charts (4-23-05) with #3 Zealots, #4 Digital Disciple, and #8 Supernatural! From Radio to the Web...Monsterus continues to be an exciting topic of conversation, from the Official Chatroom/Forums for Saviour Machine, Tourniquet, and even included on, to seeing Monsterus lyrics being used lately as Bloggers Signatures...very cool!! Monsterus also saw an explosion of activity this month on their brand new MySpace website...many new friends and fans...stop by and check it out!!! Speaking of "stopping by and checking it out" while passing through Tampa, Florida recently, Ron was a guest at Busch Gardens and was forced by the staff to ride KUMBA!!! Check out the pic below of Zilla on this Monster of a ride!!! Monsterus has also once again landed on the pages of the May/June issue of HM Magazine in the Metal Tracks section...Thanks Doug for all your continued support!!! Last but not least...Ron closed out the month flying solo as a guest speaker for the Omega Youth at Winton Rd. 1st Church of God in Cincinnati. "This is a very cool group of kids" says Ron, "We had a really good time and they were a real encouragement to me...God Bless you my friends!" Check out the pic below of Ron with some of the Omega Youth.

News :: Monster March Madness!!!

Well, March has been rockin' and rollin' since the band launched their very first Official MONSTERUS eNewsletter on the 1st of the month! The guys were very excited to introduce this dynamic new form of communication which will keep everyone in the Monsterus Camp up-to-date with quick news bites and highlights as they happen! If you'd like to receive the Monsterus eNewsletter, please drop us a line at: Monsterus was also excited to see their debut single, Supernatural! still climbing the CMRadio Charts...recently reaching #6!!! If you haven't picked it up need to grab the April 2005 Issue of Metal Edge Magazine...the NEW "Zealots" Ad Campaign made it's debut in this Special Edition Dimebag Darryl Tribute Issue which arrived early in the month. B2 Entertainment (the bands Record Label) has also been continuing to build its roster of Distribution Partners and is very excited to bring into the fold this month, such heavy hitters as Amazon and MSN Music...B2 is also working to secure a Major National Distribution Deal which would take Monsterus into retail nationwide...stay tuned! Monsterus will also be hitting the road this summer for several festival gigs. In late June the guys will be making their way to a patch of 500 acres in central Illinois to perform at the ultimate massive musical experience...Cornerstone which is held from June 30-July 3 in Bushnell. Monsterus is looking forward to bringing their brand of music and ministry to the Sanctuary International Tent this year...and hope to see you there!!! The following week, the guys will be heading up to Willmar, Minnesota for this years Sonshine Festival which will run July 14-16. This years Festival proves to be the biggest and best ever, and as always MONSTERUS will do their part to deliver on this promise. With favorable press in HM Magazine throughout 2004, the guys will be ready to rock the house as they will be guests in HM's Tent! Last but not least...Monsterus is still Booking 2005 Worldwide so if you'd like more information about having Monsterus in your area please contact B2 Entertainment at:


News :: The ROCKTRON Prophecy!!!

For over 5 years now GHS Strings has been supporting and endorsing Monsterus in their quest to "change the world" by keeping both Mars and Don's 7-String Guitars and 6-String Basses well strung with the finest strings in the business! This past July at the Nashville Summer NAMM Show, Mars and Don were approached by GHS/Rocktron Artist Relations Rep, Ben Cole, to give a road test to some of the NEW Rocktron Gear! In December the relationship was made official when Mars and Don were adopted into the Rocktron family with the latest and greatest Rocktron Gear! "I finally have a unit to replace my old Rocktron PROGAP with my new PROPHESY!" states Mars, "The harmonics shine right through the preamp overdrive, the multi effects are crystal clear, and with the world-class HUSH noise reduction I couldn't be happier; it really sounds beautiful! God bless you Ben and Thanks!!!" Don was also singing the praises of Rocktron with the addition of his BLUE THUNDER preamp to his road rig. "Finally, a pro piece that combines it all into one Blue Thunder has so much flexibility and capability I've condensed my whole rig into almost one rack space." Below check out the cool pix of the guys with their new gear and at NAMM with good friend Ben Cole from GHS/Rocktron.


News :: A Monsterus New Year Ahead!

We really appreciate everyone who have helped and supported Monsterus throughout 2005!!! We've really enjoyed getting to see new faces and build new friendships throughout our travels this year!!! Rest assured that 2005 is going to do nothing but ROCK! Already things are shaping up for many exciting adventures and much broader exposure for the band! One of the most exciting pieces of info to hit the Monsterus office is in regards to an appearance in America's #1 Hard Music Publication, METAL EDGE Magazine...which in 2005 is Celebrating 20 Years!!! Although Monsterus will have some exposure in the upcoming April 2005 Issue (on shelves February 8th), they've also been informed that in one of the following issues, Editor Paul Gargano is publishing a piece on Christian Rock which includes Monsterus and several other bands making waves in the mainstream!!! On a concert note...not only will Monsterus be appearing at more festivals this year...the guys have also been booked in mid-May to appear with Essential Records recording artists, Day of Fire. "We're looking forward to this show" says Ron, "These guys have been creating quite a buzz since their support spot on the Toby Mac/Third Day Tour this past year!" Also, in mid-December Monsterus officially released to radio "Hyper-Ultra-Amazing" as the second single from Zealots. "Hyper" entered the Tri Rock Top 25 Charts at #7 (part of the AudioRealm Network)...with Disciple coming in at #9, P.O.D. #18, and Stryper #20!!! Hanging in the Top 10 Monsterus is also seeing good success as the new single soars on other stations coast-to-coast and gathering many new fans since it's debut on Reign Radio's "Higher Rock" program!!! Everyone also ought to surf over to the new Relevant Christian Audio Artistry Chatroom which was developed by a Monsterus fan to specifically discuss Monsterus and such bands as Project86, POD, Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, and Skillet! The mission of this Chat Group is to discuss those bands who are "invading the satanic kingdom through the assimilation of truth in the dark uncharted waters of musical artistry. Artists who break shackles off of darkened minds and speak life-giving incantations underneath their musical wizardry." Last but not least, Ron wanted everyone to see the newest drumming sensation in Monsterus...that's right, his son, Corinthian. "Cori has been on Daddy's drums since he was born and constantly is banging on I decided to get him a Mini-Monsterus Drumkit! It's identical to mine...just smaller with less drums and cymbals!" Check out the cool pics below of the finished drumkit and the shot of Cori bangin' away Christmas morning!!!


News :: A Monsterus Rocktober!

All we can say is October was rockin' for Monsterus!!! With the success of Zealots continuing to build around the globe...the month began with Monsterus getting word that their music and message was breaking new ground as they were starting to be the hot topic in some "Trai Tim" Vietnam chatrooms...which the guys were jazzed to hear!!! Days later they would be contacted to play 3 Christmas concerts over 7 days in mainland China...that's right Hong Kong...ChongQuing!!! This opportunity was presented by a new promoter who has taken a real interest in Monsterus and their ministry...and has some exciting plans for the coming year!!! October continued to rock on as the band got word from one of the ZEALOTS on their Street Team that the HM Sampler which features Monsterus was the filler music played between bands at the the Sonshine Festival in Willmar, Minnesota. He said "Supernatural!" was played like 50 times during the event...AWESOME!!! "Keep sending in these stories," Ron says, "this really encourages us!!!" Have you seen Monsterus on eBAY??? The album is consistently sold for double the retail price with numerous bids...which gives a good indication that Monsterus needs to secure some more Distribution Channels...which we're working on!!! We are excited to say that when we launched the album we started with just 14 Distributors and have grown to almost 40 Worldwide with more National and International relationships being negotiated and developed as we speak!!! Also, in this final 4th Quarter of sales...Monsterus got word from one of their secular retail stores that a kid was apprehended for shoplifting and that it was ZEALOTS he was trying to steal. Co'mon kids we love ZEALOTS too, but please it's not worth going to jail (let alone hell) over...Ha, Ha!!!

By the time that mid-month rolled around, Ron was able to catch up and hang-out with Toby Mac (DC Talk) as he brought his "Diverse City" Tour to Cincy's Cincinnati Gardens. Unfortunately, Ron was unable to attend the show (but heard it was awesome)...but made sure to hook Toby up with a personal copy of Zealots! Four days later on October 20th, Ron showed up to Top Cats in Cincinnati to support friend, Brandon Rike and his band Dead Poetic as they launched their headlining Stay Medicated Tour 2004 with Acceptance and Anadivine (Ron reported that the show was Awesome!!!) Three days later on the 23rd Monsterus joined two other great Cincy area bands, Inside Out and Against The Nations for Family Christian Stores (Fields Ertle) Rocktober Event. The guys always love to see familiar faces and was especially glad to see their good friend, Matt from Cincinnati who has been a very loyal supporter of Monsterus and their ministry...Thanks Matt!!! Monsterus wrapped up the month Friday. October 29th at Out da' Box in Fairborn, Ohio where they joined Crossed Image for the venues Hardcore Halloween Event. As we approach Thanksgiving the band wraps up this update with an awesome photo submitted by Gary Ireton (who is part of the Monsterus Mafia - Nashville Syndicate) of the guys jamming with pyros blasting during their set at Rocketown's Metal Mania back in late September...Thanks Gary...We Luv Ya Man!!!


News :: Monsterus Lifts Off at Rocketown!

On Friday, September 24th Monsterus began their countdown to liftoff on Saturday the 25th when the guys headlined Rocketown's Metal Mania. Monsterus was really excited to see what God was going to do especially since they were the only Christian band on the bill...not to mention, it would be their first time using pyros!!! Upon arrival Friday night in Nashville the guys checked in at the hotel Rocketown booked then headed over to the venue to scope things out. They were jazzed to see Metal Mania Posters everywhere but even more impressed to see their name on the top of the club marquee. Adjacent to the club at the SixthAvenue Skatepark the guys were greeted with a giant Monsterus promo poster hanging on the wall promoting the show...very cool!!! Saturday night came soon enough and the band was in all their industrial glory...with a reported total of over 300 making their way through the doors, with many in full corpse paint to get a $2 discount off admission. Monsterus launched their set with rockets blasting as pyros exploded during "Drive It." (pix to come) "It was AWESOME!!!" explains Ron, "We looked like Iron Maiden or KISS once the pyros went off...when we saw the video we were all going nuts, it looked even more amazing!!!" The guys had a great time especially after the show when they got time to share their faith with some of the other bands and fans. (see pix) Monsterus would really like to thank their good friends and right hand men - Samuel, Gary, and Larry who helped in coordinating everything and continue to be the best brothers in the business any band could have...Thanks Guys!!! (see pic of Ron wih the guys)


News :: Monsterus Lights Up the Stage at LifeLight Festival!

September 2, 2004, Monsterus made their way (all coming from different directions) to South Dakota to play one of the worlds largest Christian music events, LifeLight Festival...which this year drew an estimated 230,000 people. Although Zilla was dealing with a tremendous amount of jet lag having come direct from Europe and after spending 2 days in Viva Las Vegas...the guys finally met up that evening in the state of "Great Faces, Great Places" and began preparation for what would be their largest show to date. Monsterus headlined Friday night on the Xtreme Stage with South Dakota favorites Nodes of Ranvier. This show was a blast for the guys especially when asked to play again midday on Sunday alongside Blindside on the Souled Out Stage. Following the event Monsterus was informed by LifeLight Staff that a very popular and very secular local music scene bulletin board was specifically discussing Monsterus with rave reviews!!! Below check out some cool pix of the guys with some new friends...Monsterus with another Ohio based band Staple (LtoR: Brian Miller, Don, Ron, Grant Beachy, Darin Keim, Mars, and Israel Beachy) or what could be the makings of new Christian supergroup, Monstaple...Ha, Ha!!! Ron also had a good time getting to know Ben Woods, Lead Vocalist for Slingshot 57..."You guys rocked...and Thanks for the Advil!!!"

News :: Radio Free Europe!!!

In mid August with the success of Zealots in Europe and "Supernatural!" tearing up the charts...Ron headed off to Europe for a 2 week trip which would take him into new areas and allow him to secure new Distributors. Ron spent the first 2 days in Barcelona, Spain where he was greeted at the airport with a sign that read "The World Welcomes You." The next 2 days were spent in Cannes, France...which within minutes of arriving Ron ran into NBA Superstar, Magic Johnson. After chatting with Magic, Ron made his way over to the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congress then spent the remainder of the day shopping. The next travel highlights included hitting Monaco and driving through the streets of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix Race Route...even passing one of Bono's and Elton John's homes...pretty amazing!!! The next several days Ron was finally in his homeland of Italy...visiting the Tower of Pisa and spending an afternoon in Florence/Tuscany checking out Michelangelo's David sculpture at the Galleria dell'Accademia. After spending a day in Greece (not far from the Olympics) Ron headed to one of his most favorite stops on the trip...Dubrovnik, Croatia. While exploring the Walled City of Dubrovnik (see pic of Ron on the wall above the city), Ron stopped in to the Aquarius CD Shop to check on product and hang with Aquarius Manager, Toni..."He's got the coolest CD shop I visited in Europe!!!" The final 3 days were spent in beautiful Venice, Italy with accommodations in the legendary Hotel Bauer right off of St. Mark's Square/Basilica and travel by way of Gondola/Water Taxi on the Grand Canal. "This was by far one of the most awesome experiences of my life!!!" Ron says, "I had determined long ago that if I ever got to Venice I was going to recreate a legendary photo of Christian music pioneer, Larry Norman. While Larry was on his World Tour in '77, a really killer photo was shot of him in St. Mark's Square with pigeons all over him (click here to see this legendary photo). On my final morning before I flew out, I woke up at 5:00 AM before anyone was up or about and captured the shot I had always wanted to get...way cool!!!"


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