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News :: The Zealots Are Coming!!!

Well New Year’s Day has come and gone and Monsterus’ New Year’s resolution is to deliver to the masses their long awaited and highly anticipated debut album “Zealots in the Land of Nod”. At last word we informed you that both the album and it’s artwork were finished and ready to go to press. We also informed you that “Big League” players within the mainstream music industry had surfaced and had taken a big interest in Zealot. Here’s the latest... this past year in late July, we met in Nashville for over 4 hours with these industry honchos who said “Monsterus had their attention” and that Zealot hadn’t left their CD player since it arrived. Needless to say, the album was very well received and the interest in our mission and vision were finally being understood and supported. However, the immediate request was that Monsterus write an additional 3-4 songs to complement the already finished 10 track form of Zealot. Immediately, Monsterus returned home, entered back into their pre-production studio ‘The Bat Cave’ and went to work crafting these 3-4 additional hits. After 4 months in a writing fury...Monsterus rocked their way into the New Year with many new songs in development and even more importantly...4 songs they believe are radio-ready and will fit right into the Zealot lineup. At press time these 4 new songs are nearing demo completion and are tentatively scheduled to be presented to these industry folks in March. The outcome of this meeting will determine if Monsterus will either enter back into the studio for a couple weeks to record the new tracks to be added to Zealot or if the album will be released in it’s current 10 track form...either way we will soon begin preparing for a release date. Keep us in prayer...We’ll keep you posted! Below, check out the pic of the guys at Copeland’s of New Orleans Restaurant (Nashville) following their pivotal industry meeting. Last but not least, we’d like to update you on the 72-Page Full Color Comic “MONSTERUS:: Zealots in the Land of Nod - The Graphic Novel” which features Monsterus and the storyline behind their album. The first complete draft has arrived at Monsterus International from Quest Comics in New York and has been reviewed by the band. Revisions have been made and the second draft is being re-worked as we speak. We’ve even been asked if a another version could be written into a screenplay that could be shopped to movie studios in Hollywood...wait and see!!! We Love You & God Bless!!!
- Monsterus -


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