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News :: Zealots in the Land of Metropolis

In mid-February, Monsterus was contacted by Pete King, the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Quest Comics in New York about appearing in an upcoming issue of their “Chronicles” or “Soldier of God” comic series. Needless to say, this was one of the few times Monsterus was speechless. “We we’re blown away and very honored to be asked to participate in such an exciting opportunity,” Ron explains, “Quest’s commitment and reputation for creating pro-caliber comic books/witnessing tools for kids couldn’t be more inline with our approach and purpose to our monstrous music. Once we started talking, Pete asked if we had a topic we wanted to address or something the Lord had laid upon our hearts that we wanted to express through the comic. After revealing our entire concept behind the album “Zealots in the Land of Nod” Quest realized we had a storyline to support not just a comic, but an entire full color graphic novel. Since those original discussions what has developed is that the initial story will be released in the form of a 64-72 page full color graphic novel then followed up with a full blown ongoing, supporting comic series based on the album. There is also talk that a select number of the initial release of “Zealots in the Land of Nod” the album will be packaged with this special graphic novel. Below you can read the latest press release Quest has written up on the well as you’ll be able to see the initial approval drawings of Monsterus as well as the main character… ‘Anak’, who is The Zealot in the Land of Nod! You’ll also be able to take a glimpse at some previous “Soldier of God” covers and artwork with one featuring Robert Sweet of Stryper making a cameo. Click here to read article with Pete at

Monsterus. Just the name is intriguing enough where you've got to sit up and take notice. But once you hear the music you'll want to stand, wave your fist in the air and thank the Lord that these guys are rocking for God! I first heard about Monsterus from a blurb placed on another bands e-list. It simply said a bit about the music and gave the web-site address. Of course...I had to check it out! With a name like Monsterus... I went to the site and was pleasantly surprised. Monsterus was a spirit-filled, on fire for the Lord industrial metal band! I looked around, listened to the music and was immediately enthralled with the sounds that were emitting from my computer. Because of the impact I knew that these 3 gents would have on the Christian music market I had to contact them to see if they'd be interested in taking part in the Chronicles title. Little did I know the road I just started walking on would open up into a wondrous world of an intense collaboration between minds...between believers in Christ to produce a Graphic Novel based on the album Zealots In The Land of Nod. While I can tell you little about this project, I will tell you will keep you on your toes...on the edge of your seat...and make you reevaluate your walk with the Lord!

In Him,
Pete King
Quest Comics

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