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News :: Randy May makes a ‘Pit Stop’ in Dayton

On Monday, April 8th Ronzilla was excited to get a call from endorser Randy May informing Zilla he was going to be stopping in Dayton (Monsterus Headquarters) on Thursday, April 11 and wanted to get together for dinner. Randy is the founder of Randall May International, a multi-faceted ‘Performance Percussion Systems’ company based in Irvine, California. Randy is not only responsible for the custom built internal miking system in Zilla’s custom DW Drums, but also for many other advancements in the music equipment/pro audio arenas. Randy was just making a pit stop in Dayton and moving on to the 28th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach being held that weekend (April 12-14) to see a friend who was competing in the race. What was a wild coincidence was the fact that a week earlier Ron was invited to attend the Long Beach Grand Prix as well by former MTV “Headbanger’s Ball” Host/VJ, Riki Rachtman who was broadcasting his WIRRR Radio Network (Riki Rachtman Radio) from the race on Saturday. Although unable to attend the race because of a full schedule, Ron was able meet Randy for dinner and discuss some new ventures their pursuing as we speak (see photo below). Also, just in case you’re wondering who won the race...Michael Andretti of Team Motorola won his second career Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach -- his first was in 1986 -- by a narrow .466 seconds after a thrilling battle with 1996 winner and 2002 pole-sitter Jimmy Vasser of Team Rahal (Columbus, Ohio).


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