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News :: Monsterus Nears Record Deal

Before leaving for this years NAMM show in Nashville, Monsterus feverishly worked to complete final mixing of 5 of the tracks to appear on "Zealots in the Land of Nod" to have in hand while in Music City USA. Before leaving however, God ordained a series of events that landed these preliminary mixes on the desk of a well known record industry honcho who contacted Monsterus while in transit to Nashville offering the band the long awaited record deal on a brand new hard rock label being developed.

Needless to say Monsterus was excited and speechless once arriving in Nashville to hear the full scope of what this opportunity includes. Unable to give any more details at this time, Monsterus says be prepared for nothing short of a major Monsterus release to the world...stay tuned here for the latest developments and announcements!

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