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News :: Monsterus, Creed, and P.O.D....a British Invasion!

On January 14th the Greenbelt Festival (England’s version of America’s Cornerstone Festival) website released a rather lengthy article entitled "Why God is in the retail.” What made this article so special is that it not only mentioned the successes of P.O.D. and Creed, but listed 9 other bands to be watching for in the states. Here’s the exciting news...Monsterus made this top 10 list of sorts and they also just so happened to be the only unsigned band on the list...pretty cool! Monsterus was also excited/encouraged when they received a phone call in late April from P.O.D.’s attorney stating he had heard one of the ”industry only” advance copies of “Zealots in the Land of Nod” that’s been making the rounds in Hollywood and that he “loved it and was terribly impressed!” Click the Greenbelt Festival icon to go read the entire article for yourself, however, for those of you who prefer the ‘cliffsnotes’ version here’s the highlights:

‘Why God is in the retail.’
“All heavy metal bands worship Satan, right? Er, no. A new breed of Christian rock band is in town - and they're actually selling rather a lot of records. They say that the devil has all the best tunes, but there is a handful of bands who would beg to differ. In the United States, Christian rock bands are on the rise, in some cases outselling their heathen counterparts. These aren't grizzled old zealots or Jesus freak drop-outs from the hippie era. We're talking about a new generation of young, cool kids who cite God, rather than the Beatles, as their greatest inspiration. At the top of the pile are the California quartet POD (Payable on Death) and Florida's Creed. Despite their sinister moniker, the rap-rock cross-over band POD are a bunch of softies...other Christian metallers apparently attracting large audiences in the States include Tourniquet, Mortification, X-Sinner, Holy Soldier, Deliverance, Vengeance, One Bad Pig and Monsterus.”



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