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Words :: Monsterus meets the press...

See what others say about Monsterus

"This particular band (Monsterus) was a long time in coming...the dark goth/industrial influenced direction is a pleasant surprise. Many textures back up a soundscape that stays heavy but not too fast for commercial radio or mass consumption. Perhaps if Al Jourgenson and Gene Simmons produced a new album for Metal Church, the result might sound like this."
-- Doug Van Pelt / HM Magazine

"Monsterus: the name says it all! The Monsterus trio is musically relentless, weaving heavy guitar riffs around a solid rhythm section, complimented by industrial-sounding keyboards. Their debut release, "Zealots in the land of Nod", proudly displays not only their creative take on the hard rock genre but their passion to serve the Lord. Monsterus has received praise throughout the music industry for their musical creativity and integrity. And with a name that perfectly describes their sound, Monsterus is determined to unleash their music and message to the ends of the earth."
-- Bradley Spitzer / HM Magazine

"This album is full-on adrenaline-packed industrial strength metal! This band are to be respected in the arena of hard music!" 10 Stars!!!
-- Keith Singleton / Cross Rhythms (England/UK)

"Monsterus are a power trio who've come up with an ambitious, sometimes byzantine, sonic amalgamation that forges a number of classic rock influences, all of it slathered with a heavy dose of hard rock muscle."
-- Music Connection Magazine

"(Monsterus) Reflects their faith in original compositions that fall somewhere between Alice In Chains and Pink Floyd."
-- Guitar Player Magazine

"Monsterus, has to be the most ambitious group we've come across in a long time."
-- Modern Drummer Magazine

"What would you have if U2 and Rob Zombie had a baby, Ozzy Osbourne bit off it's head, became a Christian and joined P.O.D.? MONSTERUS!"

"What do you get when you feed Rob Zombie's head to Ozzy with a side of Fear Factory and wash it down with a bottle of Lemmy Kilmister? Three guys that are single-handedly responsible for creating/delivering some of the most progressive, technical crunchy music you can eat with a frayed edged spoon...Monsterus"
-- The CitizenUSA

"Monsterus have the gear, chops and biblical base to pull off a record that will appeal to both the adolescent goth/industrial kids they're targeting and the Christian adults who remember what it was like to paint our finger nails black and take Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if Monsterus are making serious tidal waves amidst the growing sea of Christian artists in the near, near future."

"Monsterus are a heavy band from Ohio. They may be heavy and sometimes sound like modern based bands but they also show melodic structures, thus making their music quite interesting if you are open minded about music. ''Zealots In The Land of Nod" takes many twists and turns and is a lot to take in but is enjoyable if you like your music a little more heavier and modern."

"The stereotypical Christian metal from the days of old seems to be a long-forgotten cliché. It's almost inspiring to see a band shrug off the alternative trends, and turn instead to idols like Dream Theater and Pink Floyd. Huh? Does such a thing exist? Dayton's Monsterus (the name says it all, don't ya think) definitely aim to find a niche in the Christian music market."
-- Everybody's News

"Their (Monsterus) main goal is to promote the good word and reach out to as many people as possible. They are not trying to preach at people or force religion on them. They just want to open people's eyes to what's out there. They may not be doing a sermon in Sunday School but they are carrying a Bible in one hand and a guitar and drumsticks in another. When they get on stage, the lights go out, the music roars and there's a lot more than holy smoke."
-- Signals Magazine


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