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Don Williams


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Don Williams

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Us :: Don Williams :: Bass, Backing Vocals

Predestined before time to round out the Monsterus low end comes bassist, Don Williams. Born in New Orleans and baptized in the blues Don's musical journey to Monsterus began very early on when discovering his fathers guitar under his parents bed. "I'm unsure of my age when I started playing, but I've seen pictures of myself at age 2 with a guitar. I also used to run around with a little plastic stratocaster wearing this long black wig, like I was a rock star. I always liked rock music, even as a little kid...I knew it was something I was being led and 'called' to do." Although an accomplished and successful guitar player in the south, it was the call from Monsterus that put Don at the 'crossroads'. "My roots will always be on 6-strings, so crossing over to my current fave, a Dean 6-string bass just seemed like a natural's opened up a whole new world of creativity." Describing his style (from an artistic perspective) as impressionistic, Don's approach remains very individual and stylistic. "I'm not trying to do what the guitar is doing, I watch the drums and think in terms of rhythm. It must be a rhythmic and harmonious foundation." With influences as diverse as Abraham Laboriel and Flea, Don is sure to deliver grooves well beyond the bassics. Don's advice to someone starting out is simply "Be consistent and don't give up!"

Personal Stats:

  • Instrument: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Birthdate: February 19, 1966
  • Currently Playing/Using: Dean 6-string, Ampeg & Rockton
  • Endorsements: GHS Bass Strings and Rocktron
  • Hobbies: Art, Design, Cars, Euro-auto racing
  • Likes: Organization
  • Dislikes: Traffic
  • Influences: Abraham Laboriel
  • Currently Listening To: some old funky stuff
  • Recent Reads: writings by Thomas Jefferson, Roundel (BMW car club magazine)
  • Favorite TV: Discovery & History channels
  • Favorite Eats: Animals
  • Philosophy: Pray

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